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THUNDERSTORMS Thunderstorms and their associated weather present a unique challenge for all flight. In-flight footage from several flights demonstrates convective weather and investigates available aids


CLIMB & CRUISE Starts at 1000′ AGL and continues through the en route phase of flight. See how instrument approaches can improve your departures and


TURBULENCE Familiarity with turbulence, its causes and its effects on the aircraft can mean the difference between an enjoyable flight and an uncomfortable on-or worse.


DESCENT & LANDING Examines both VFR and IFR arrival procedures and provides hints to help make this critical phase of flight go smoothly. Learn to


Examines the practical aspects of safely operating in and around frontal weather. Avoids much of the technical data and instead, focuses on the real-world characteristics


FLIGHT REVIEW The regulations state that a pilot must complete a flight review at least every two years, and that it must consist of an


PREFLIGHT TIPS Flying is more challenging than most pilots’ preflight inspections would indicate. You’ll learn what to look for, why each item is important and

Jeppesen Flight Instructor DVD3

Disc 3 Volume IV Instructing the Commercial Student – High Performance Power Plants Environmental and Ice Control Systems Retractable Landing Gear Maximum Performance Takeoffs and

Jeppesen Flight Instructor DVD2

Disc 2 Volume III Instructing the Private Pilot Student – Ground Operations – Basic Maneuvers – Airport Operations – Emergency Landing Procedures – Flight Maneuvers

Analog Flight Instruments

. Introduction . IFR Instruments . Gyroscopic Instruments .. System Overview .. Attitude Indicator .. Heading Indicator .. Turn Indicators . Magnetic Compass . Pitot-Static


NIGHT FLYING Nighttime is a rewarding (yet demanding) time to fly and the record has shown that risk increases dramatically after the sun goes down.